Abdel-Moneim Said's Articles

Abdel-Moneim Said discusses how Ramadan will test the international order

Abdel-Moneim Said takes stock of the Iran-Saudi agreement

Abdel-Moneim Said outlines the complexities of the current global picture.

Abdel-Moneim Said returns to a favourite theme .

Abdel-Moneim Said with more on the anniversary of the Ukraine war

Abdel-Moneim Said marks the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Abdel-Moneim Said discusses the way forward for Arab reform.

Abdel-Moneim Said takes a stab at the current impasse in Palestine.

Abdel-Moneim Said takes an international perspective

Abdel-Moneim Said takes stock of recent Arab summits

Abdel-Moneim Said celebrates a new book

Abdel-Moneim Said recalls the Singaporean leader Lee Yuan Yew

In a few days, the war in Ukraine will have entered 2023, with no victory or defeat in sight for either side, and no negotiations to offer or eliminate hope of an end to the fighting.

Abdel-Moneim Said discusses the Arab-China summit.

Abdel-Moneim Said analyses the positions of the four leaders in the eye of the storm.

Abdel-Moneim Said flits across the region

The world today is so complex that neither angels nor devils will find it easy to tell opportunities apart from dangers. Still, there are three evident truths we cannot ignore.

In the wake of COP27, Abdel-Moneim Said comments on the Western image of Arabs

Periodic elections are supposed to make it possible to change those in power according to commonly accepted procedures, something that may not always in fact be the case.

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