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Regional rivals break ice

The positive vibes in Riyadh and Tehran about improving their relations are not just good news for Saudi Arabia and Iran, but also for Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. That the mood music should be heard over such a vast area is testimony to how, over the last four decades, the Saudi-Iranian relationship has shaped much of the dynamic of the Middle East.

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Regional rivals break ice

Trump 2024

Abdel-Moneim Said

Many questions surrounding fateful issues in the US remain unanswered. Some, such as whether the US Supreme Court will overturn ...

On Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid

Mohamed Salmawy

Ifind it hard to believe that no one in government has concerned themselves with the distressful state of health of one of ...

The crisis at Bretton Woods

Mohamed Shadi

In the aftermath of World War II, amidst the massive destruction and loss of life it had caused, the victorious powers gathered ...

US uncertainty doesn’t end with Afghanistan

David Dumke

The recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan did not look good. Scenes of Afghans desperately trying to escape the victorious ...

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Hany Ghoraba

While it is becoming a known political fact that the former US Obama administration facilitated the meteoric rise of the ...

Restoring Iraqis’ trust

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

Iraqis will head to the polls on Sunday, 10 October, to take part in a high-stakes parliamentary election closely watched ...

The future of Egyptian-US relations

Hussein Haridy

Predicting Egyptian-US relations and their future course could be a risky business in a fast-changing regional landscape ...

Egypt and the European gas crisis

Mohamed Shadi

Natural gas prices in Europe have skyrocketed during the past six months. On 1 April, they stood at $19 per gigawatt hour. ...

Sustainability in practice

Mahmoud Mohieldin

AGoogle search for the word “sustainability” gave 970 million hits in English and 12 million in Arabic. The difference ...

Prosperity zone

Abdel-Moneim Said

On 23 September, Saudi Arabia’s National Day was an occasion for Cairo to review progress in its relations with Riyadh ...

Germany after Merkel

Hany Ghoraba

Without question outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel has been among the most important world leaders of the past 50 ...

Football and the economy

Mahmoud Mohieldin

On the eve of the UEFA European Football Championship, a BBC reporter asked an English football fan which side he expected ...

Celebrating 30 June

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of the 30 June, 2013 Revolution, which opened a new chapter in the country’s history ...

The Libyan interim

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

Libya has embarked on a new interim phase, its fifth since the Libyan crisis broke out. As an influential stakeholder ...

European ties with Iran

Hany Ghoraba

The 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran had cataclysmic effects on the Middle East that are still rippling through the region ...


The tables have turned

After collecting maximum points from Libya in a crucial doubleheader, Egypt is now a firm favourite to take its group and move closer to a spot in the 2022 Qatar World Cup

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The tables have turned

Fiery face-offs

What started out as a walk in the park is now more like an uphill battle in unchartered territory. Egypt hosts Libya in ...

Big tests up ahead for Queiroz

Portuguese Carlos Queiroz has a full plate on his hands as he takes over coaching duties of the Egyptian national football ...