Haitham Abdelsamad

Muslim Brotherhood whispering in Western ears

Looking for balanced reporting on Egypt in the Western media can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, part of a phenomenon produced by the Muslim Brotherhood/

Hussein Haridy

The state of the Middle East

The stability and future of the Arab system are directly linked to the overall regional landscape.

Mahmoud Mohieldin

The spectre of stagflation

Stagflation, a possible threat to the world economy, could be avoided.

Egyptian top rapper Wegz releases Keify Keda music video

While the audio track has been booming on several platforms for weeks, Egyptian popular rapper Wegz's Keify Keda music video was released on Wednesday to quickly secure a spot among the top trending music topics in Egypt.


Palestine submits 'The Stranger' for Oscar nomination

Ameer Fakher Eldin's feature film The Stranger (Al Gharib) has been submitted to the 94th Academy Awards that will take place in March 2022, while the final nominees will be announced on 8 February.


Byzantine-era artifacts uncovered under Andraos Palace in Luxor: Supreme Council of Antiquities

A collection of amphoras and lamps from the Byzantine era have been uncovered over the past month under the Tawfiq Andraos palace.


In Photos: The Kings of the Sun artefacts return to Egyptian Museum from Prague

The artefacts of The Kings of the Sun exhibition arrived in Egypt on Thursday and is now at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, a year after being on display in the Czech capital Prague.


In Photos: Restoration underway on ram heads discovered at Karnak Temple

Egyptian restorers are currently busy restoring the three ram heads unearthed at the Euergetes’ gate in the southern part of Karnak Temple in Luxor.


Grand Egyptian Museum receives Tutankhamun's 2nd shrine

A few months after receiving the fourth and third shrines of Tutankhamun, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) received the second shrine and placed it in its permanent location at the boy king’s gallery.


VIDEO: Moulid El-Nabi dolls manufactured and decorated at Bab Al-Bahr

At one of the oldest workshops in the area, Abdu Al Dahsuri has been crafting and decorating Moulid El-Nabi dolls for the past 35 years.


14th edition of the Sama'a International Festival kicks off at the Citadel

The brainchild of director Intesar Abdel-Fattah, the Sama'a International Festival is a very important artistic manifestation of how music uplifts the soul, unites humanity, and fosters peace


Cairo: Of People and Stones - The untold history of the Conquering City

On Sunday night, at the ancient premises of Prince Taz palace, tens of people flocked to attend the second of a series of lectures titled: Cairo: Of People and Stones.


National Organisation of Urban Harmony explores history of Garden City in new book

In its latest publication in the book series titled Memory of The City, the National Organisation of Urban Harmony (NOUH) has released the second book titled Garden City: The City of Gardens... Literal and Figurative.


'Stop Counting, Keep Living': Campaign raises awareness on people living with ITP

Imagine a child as young as four or five years old, unable to walk and play, suffering from continuous bruising and bleeding, forced by his condition into a state of obligatory rest and inactivity.


Alzheimer’s first new drug in 20 years finds questions, skepticism

It is the first is drug that slows the progress of the fatal brain-destroying disease instead of just managing its symptoms.


Three AUC researchers on COVID-19 receive best presentation awards at NCBMB

Three researchers from the biotechnology graduate programme and chemistry department at The American University in Cairo (AUC) received on Thursday best presentation awards for young researchers at the 17th Annual Conference of the National Committee of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NCBMB).


Widely used chemical linked to 100,000 US deaths per year: Study

The chemical can be found in hundreds of products such as toys, clothing and shampoo.

From the thick volumes of history on the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt that have consumed years of his academic work, historian Mohamed Afifi decided to dig out the story of the historical figure Mu’allem Ya'coub Hana (General Ya'coub) for his first novel, titled ‘Ya’coub’.

The following is an excerpt from the first novel by historian and author Mohamed Afifi - Ya'coub.

Literary critic Mahmoud AbdelShakour talked to Ahram Online about Habiba Kama Rawaha Nadim (Habiba as Recollected by Nadim), his first novel that approaches some of the most complex questions of love, obsession, joy and pain.