Khaled Okasha

Israel’s strategic assessment

A new report from think tank the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies identifies external and internal threats to Israel’s security.

Hussein Haridy

Blinken comes to town

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken makes at least one surprising admission on his recent visit to Cairo.

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

Palestinian lives matter

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Egypt, Palestine and Israel this week was mainly aimed at “de-escalating tensions” and to “restore calm” following one of the deadliest weeks in recent years, in which more a dozen Palestinians and seven Israelis were killed.

Unveiling the nature of the materials used in mummification

A team of researchers from Ludwig Maximilian University and the University of Tübingen in Germany, in cooperation with the National Research Center in Cairo, succeeded in solving some of the secrets of the ancient Egyptian mummification and the materials used in its process.


Renowned French author and journalist Roland Lombardi visits Giza Plateau

Renowned French author and journalist Roland Lombardi visits the Giza Plateau.


In Photos: Egyptian mission discovers Old Kingdom tombs, 12 statues in Saqqara

An Egyptian archaeological mission unearthed a group of rich fifth and sixth dynasty tombs from the Old Kingdom in the Saqqara necropolis. Signs indicate the site, Gisr Al-Mudir, comprised a large ancient Egyptian cemetery.


In Photos: CT scans reveal secrets of a golden mummy stored in the Egyptian Museum for over a century

Computed tomography (CT) scans and 3D printing have revealed the secrets of the 2,300-year-old “Mummy of the Golden Boy,” enabling it to be displayed at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir for the first time in more than a century.


INTERVIEW: Fayrouz Karawya decrypts trends of 19th, 20th century Egyptian songs

Fayrouz Karawya spoke to Ahram Online, talking about her first critical narrative book, Kol Dah Kan Leih? (“What Was All That For?”), reveals a spiral way of reading the musical history of the late 19th and 20th century Egypt.


VIDEO: Sayeda Nafisa, the story of the throne of truth and secrets

Egypt celebrated the Moulid of Sayeda Nafisa on 28 December in El-Khalifa district, Cairo.


'A Garden for the Immortals:' Latest idea to move Cairo's historic cemeteries faces pushback

For the past few weeks, Cairo's historic cemeteries have been in the limelight after an idea was floated in local media to rebury iconic Egyptian figures in a new site to be called “A Garden for the Immortals” has received pushback from affected communities.


VIDEO: Sayeda Sakina's Moulid celebrated in Historic Cairo

Sayeda Sakina's Moulid celebration was held on 21 December in her mausoleum at Al-Khalifa district in the heart of historic Cairo.


On World Cancer Day: The road to eliminating cervical cancer in the MENA

Despite tremendous progress, cervical cancer remains a significant public health concern in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


Lauded rebel fashion designer Paco Rabanne dies at age 88

Paco Rabanne, the Spanish-born designer known for perfumes sold worldwide but who made his name with metallic space-age fashions that put a bold, new edge on catwalks, has died, the group that owns his fashion house announced.


African countries lack 'immediate access' to cholera vaccine

Africa's public health agency says countries with deadly cholera outbreaks on the continent have no ``immediate access'' to vaccines amid a global supply shortage.


World ‘dangerously unprepared’ for next pandemic: Red Cross

Warns Red Cross, says building trust, equity, local action networks vital to get ready for the next.

His name is Mohamed Salaheddin Ahmed, but he is known as Salah Jahine. In the minds of the people, he is associated with many things, but most prominently the Quartets.

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To mark 130 years since it first came out in 1892, the Dar Al-Helal monthly magazine put out a special issue reprinting articles and pictures that have appeared on its pages for over a century, charting the great debates that have shaped the country’s intellectual history.

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